The SwissOptic AG in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

SwissOptic AG.

The highest precision in St. Galler Rhine valley.

Swissoptic AG is a subsidiary of the Berliner Glas group and stands for globally accepted quality and the highest precision in the world of optics.


We develop and produce a broad range of coated precision-optical components, assemblies and systems. We are your competent partner along the entire process chain from concept through to series production.

The company at a glance:

Key data

SwissOptic AG

Production area: 9.000 m² (Heerbrugg/ Switzerland)
Employees: 307
Export area: Europe, Asia, USA
General Manager: Dr. Hans Ebinger



SwissOptic (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

Production area: 1.700 m² (Wuhan/ China)
Employees: 91
Export area: Asia, Europe
General Manager: Christian Drapal



Berliner Glas Group – US Sales Office

Location:        California (USA)

Sales Contact

Photonics & Systems




berlinerglas_logo_small.gif Berlin site (D)
Employees: 628
Production area: 27,500 m²

Schwäbisch Hall site (D)
Employees: 97, Production area: 8,500 m²
Syrgenstein site (D)
Employees: 41, Production area: 4,800 m²

swissoptic_logo_small.gif Heerbrugg site (CH)
Employees: 332
Production area: 9,000 m²
berliner_glas_group_wuhan.png Wuhan site (China)
Employees: 70
Production area: 1,700 m²
berliner_glas_us.png California (USA)
Sales Office
Management Team

Management SwissOptic AG

Dr. Hans Ebinger

Dr. Hans Ebinger (General Manager)
physicist, 10 years of experience in the optical industry


Management Team SwissOptic (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

Mary Yang & Christian Drapal, Management SwissOptic Wuhan


from the left:

Mary Yang (Director of Operative Business)

chief accountant, 20 years of experience in a multinational environment



Christian Drapal (General Manager)

engineer in mechatronics and optics, M.Sc., 10 years experience in the optical industry


Decades of recognized know-how in precision optics don't come by chance


milestones_swissoptic_1.jpg 1920ies – the nucleus of the precision mechanics and optics workshops.


1923: Development, production and delivery of the first opto-mechanical theodolites


1921: Foundation of the firm of 'Heinrich Wild, Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Optik' with a production plant in the commune of Balgach, Switzerland




Until 1954 – Development of the global brand WILD.


The range of products grows: the precision measuring instruments are joined by photogrammetry analysis units, telemeters, high-performance microscopes as well as aerial cameras.



The number of employees rises to more than 1,500.


1954: Change of name to 'WILD Heerbrugg AG, Werke für Optik und Feinmechanik'





1985: Takeover of the German firm of Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar (which also includes the LEICA brand)


1986/87: Foundation of the WILD LEITZ group


1987: The complete optics production moves to the newly built optics factory in Heerbrugg



Up to 1990 - The LEICA group develops.


Further mergers:


1988: Takeover of Kern & Co AG Aarau, Switzerland



1990: Development of the world's first opto-electronic digital leveling instrument, the NA2000


1990: Group renamed 'Leica'
and the production plant in Heerbrugg is renamed as 'Leica Heerbrugg AG'


Fusion with the English firm of Cambridge Instruments Company Plc.





SwissOptic AG founded as spin-off from the optics factory of Leica AG Heerbrugg


2001/2004 - Berliner Glas and SwissOptic: Taking the lead through synergy.


2001: The Berliner Glas KGaA takes over 75% of the share capital of SwissOptic AG.


2004: 100% takeover of SwissOptic AG by Berliner Glas KGaA



The team today:



Contact SwissOptic AG:

SwissOptic AG
CH-9435 Heerbrugg
Fon +41 (0)71 727 30 74
Fax +41 (0)71 727 46 86
US Office for Photonics
Kevin Liddane
Fon +1 (714) 389-1756
Fax +1 (714) 389-1758