Compensation of fabrication tolerance and optimization of tolerance

Optical Design.

Modeling and Simulation of Optical Systems.

Our highly qualified optical designers support our customers from the design phase through prototyping and series production with extensive expertise in the design of optical systems. We can develop, qualify or assist in the design of your specific system solutions and guarantee that your products will be functional and suitable for production.

Our capabilities

Numerous market applications
  • Photography, cinematography, endoscopy, microscopy, laser engineering, lighting systems, vehicle engineering, aerospace industry, UV and IR applications
  • High-quality, customized lenses and systems for industrial applications, medical engineering and quality assurance
  • Diffraction-limited systems
  • Systems that allow an active adjustment of elements and a compensation of fabrication tolerances

3D model lens system

Light path model

Light path model
Complete solutions from one source
  • Systems designed for manufactrability
  • Designs with special optical components, e.g. aspherical components, cylinder lenses, off-axis elements and diffractive optical elements (DOE)
  • Tolerance analysis and optimization taking into account the production possibilities, prediction of manufacturing quality and yield
  • Stray, ghost and false light analyses taking into account mechanics and the application environment
  • Thermal analyses
  • Production of optical designs in close cooperation with mechanical design, thin film coating design and metrology

Light path simulation

Light path simulation

Coating process simulation

Coating process simulation
Design software
  • CODE V
  • VirtualLab
  • FRED

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