Development of individual coating solutions from a diameter of 3mm

Thin Film Coating Design.

Design Specifications.

The latest calculation programs (such as Macleod, Optilayer and Spektrum Software) as well as, many years of experience with various types of thin film coatings allow our development team to find the best possible solutions for your application.


Customer specified thin film coating development and production of:

  • Antireflection coatings: V-Coat and broadband
  • Polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters
  • Narrow-band filters: transmission and reflection
  • Cut-off filters
  • Laser protection filters
  • Laser coatings HR and AR with a high damage threshold (LIDT 20J/cm2)
  • Highly-reflective metallic and dielectric mirrors
  • Transparent and electrically conductive coatings (ITO)
  • Chrome and black chrome coatings
  • Wear-protection, bondable and solderable coatings

Our capabilities

OEM Thin film coating on various substrate materials
  • All typical optical glasses, quartz, sapphire, ceramics
  • Formats from a diameter of 3mm upwards, flat parts up to 1000mm in length
  • As well as glass fibers, cemented substrates, crystals
OEM Thin film coating from the DUV to the IR range
  • Spectral range 250nm – 5000nm, mirrors 190nm – 12µm
  • Anti-reflecting and reflecting coatings, beam splitters, cut-off filters, bandpass filters, polarizers, conductive thin film coating (ITO), antiglare absorption coatings (e.g. black chrome, alternatively chrome-free), abrasion proof coatings, variable filters, bonding layers
  • High laser damage thresholds (LIDT)
  • Narrow coating tolerances
  • ROHS compatible

Sputtering system at Berliner Glas

Sputtering plant

Sputtering at Berliner Glas

Thin film coating technologies and characterization

With our modern thin film coating technologies (PVD with and without ion support; magnetron sputtering) we have formidable thin film coating capacities as well as in-process monitoring technologies (quartz crystal oscillator in-situ broadband monitoring) and the corresponding measurement and testing technologies to be able to offer you specific solutions.


APS plant

APS plant

Our production capabilities cover the complete range of thin film coating methods we offer.

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