Optical components made of glass, crystals, glass ceramics and ceramics

3D Glass & Ceramic Components.

Complex Components in Your Design.

We design and manufacture complex rigid 3D structures from thermally and structurally stable vitreous or ceramic materials for a wide variety of OEM applications. We have the ability to design monolithic mounting structures.  Integrating individual optical components, mounting structures and systems into dimensionally and thermally stable monolithic structures has significant performance and cost advantages.


We have a variety of unique and proprietary manufacturing technologies including grinding, honing, die sinking, and etching as well as the ability to exchange design data with you during development.


Technical properties of the materials we use:

  • Thermal characteristics: zero thermal expansion, equal thermal expansion, wide operating temperature ranges,
  • Mechanical characteristics: mechanically rigid, stable,  long lifetime
  • Physical characteristics: low wear, RF resistant, hard material
  • Chemical/biological characteristics: Resistant to climatic changes, high chemical resistance, biocompatible
  • Electrical/magnetic characteristics: insulating, non-conducting, non-magnetic



We are able to manufacture with mechanical tolerances down to the sub-μm range for special applications.


Materials A wide range of amorphous and crystalline materials such as glass, crystals,  glass ceramics, ceramics, and other specialized materials
Dimensions up to 1200mm length and ∅850mm
Length tolerance +/- 0.0025mm
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.0025mm
Angle tolerance 5“
Shape/ positional tolerance 0.005mm
Shapes Any mathematically described and/ or digitized shapes
Deep hole bores bis 500mm, ∅3-40mm
Surface structure Ground, lapped/ blasted, stress-free etching, mirror-etched, polished
Chemical hardening  


Metrology and Quality Assurance:

  • High-precision, non-contact and scanning metrology for ∅’s, lengths, and shaped elements.
  • Surface roughness measurements  to the nm range
  • High-precision 3D coordinate metrology (tactile & optical)
  • Various microscopy technologies

Our competences

Ceramic components

Beam splitter

Beam splitter integrated into  a ceramic substrate

We design and produce OEM 3D glass & ceramic components to customer specifications. Our extensive expertise with ceramic components  can be applied to many customer applications.

Lightweight structures
  • Lightweight precision optics and components with the latest CNC-controlled  processes
  • Shape accuracy in the low nm range
  • Stress-free etching of components  after shaping to guarantee  long-term stability


5-axis grinding center

5-axis grinding center

Aspherical off-axis mirror

Aspherical off-axis mirror with lightweight structures
Mechanical supporting structures – equal thermal expansion

Different coefficients of thermal expansion of optical elements and mechanical supporting structures often have a negative effect on optical performance (wave front, focus etc.)  in high-precision and temperature-stablized optical systems. Manufacturing mechanical mountings from the same material as the optics greatly minimizes reciprocal forces and stabilizes performance of the overall system.


Mechanical mounting of quartz - product

Mechanical mounting of quartz - design

Mechanical mounting of quartz – product and design
Mechanical supporting structures – lowest thermal expansion

The use of ULE (Ultra-Low-Expansion) materials in high-precision and temperature stabilized systems provides high accuracy and stability, even for applications in extreme temperature ranges. Precise processing of amorphous and crystalline materials is one of the areas of expertise we can use to provide highly stable OEM solutions for customer applications.


3D structure of Zerodur

3D structure of Zerodur

3D simulation process

3D simulation process

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