Customer-specific spherical optics for complex systems and assemblies

Spherical Optics.

Exceptional Imaging and Beam Quality.

We produce spherical optics for your most demanding applications in imaging and multi-spectral systems (e.g.: digital aerial cameras) as well as in LASER-based technologies (e.g. femtosecond lasers, high-energy lasers, 193nm optics…).




Materials Optical glass, quartz, filter glasses, glass ceramics, special materials
Dimensions ∅10 to ∅350mm
Radii 5mm to ∞
Form error 1/100PV @ 546nm
Centering accuracy 10“ acc. to ISO 10110 and TIR +/-0.001mm
Roughness 0.2nm RMS
Center thickness +/- 3μm
Diameter +/- 3μm
Surface defects 5/1x0,016 acc. to ISO 10110
Geometry customer defined (see 3D-glass & ceramic components)
LASER damage threshold 20J/cm2


Metrology/QA Spheres:

  • Interferometry incl. radius metrology
  • White light interferometry
  • High-precision, non-contact and scanning
  • metrology for ∅, center thickness and roundness
  • 3D-coordinate metrology (tactile & optical)
  • Various microscopy technologies

Our competences

  • In-house complete production from pre-processing of raw materials through coating and  lacquering
  • Flexible and controlled production technologies
  • Maximum precision lenses (λ/100 PV; λ/500 RMS), made by deterministic methods
  • Lenses for various LASER applications (special polishing process)
  • Lenses with the highest quality and  low surface flaws

Shaped lenses

Shaped lenses

Lens centering

Shaped Lenses
  • Lens production and the ability to produce and check  external geometries up to a repeatable accuracy of 3µm 
  • Metrology and alignment technologies integrated in the process permit positional tolerances (e.g. optics to mechanics) of up to 3μm alignment and 10sec of tilt.

Shaped lens

Shaped lens

Lens segment

Lens segment
Composite lenses
  • Aerial photography lens alignment under collimators, autocollimators or directly under the interferometer with a simultaneous check of the transmitted wave front
  • Possibility of free shaping, even when cemented and in terms of the optical functional surfaces
Aerial photography lensAerial photography lens
Shaped composite lensShaped composite lens

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