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Chuck Design.

Solutions for High-Performance Applications.

Berliner Glas develops innovative chuck solutions for the most diverse and demanding processing steps in the semiconductor industry.

  • Vacuum Chucks
  • Electrostatic Chucks (ESCs)

Our Expertise

Chuck Design
  • Chucks for wafers up to 450 mm (18 inch)
  • Chucks for reticles
  • Customer-specific formats up to 400 x 500 mm²
  • Single or double-sided clamps
  • Exact temperatures up to small mK
  • Integrated heating and cooling functions (options)
  • Hybrid chucks (ESC & vacuum chuck combined)
  • Wide range of functional surface coatings

Berliner Glas - electrostatic chuck (e-chuck/ESC) design with features

Chuck design (ESC) with features

ESC specific:

  • Coulomb type with up to 8 electrodes per side
  • Single or multi-polar electrodes (mono- and bipolar systems)

Vacuum chuck specific:

  • Up to 4 separate vacuum segments
  • Supports both rotating as well as lateral platforms


sample screen for measuring the flatness of a chuck

Global flatness < 100nm to 298mm
  • Global flatness up to 100 nm PV (D=298 mm)
  • Local flatness us to 10 nm PV (20x20 mm2)
  • Specific flatness needs according to application possible



Shape Control
  • Absorption of warped wafers
  • Flatten warped wafers
  • Controlled adjustment of wafer shapes
Clamping Pressure


sample screen for clampforce in time

Clamping pressure time evaluation

Homogeneous clamping force over the entire clamp surface


  • Up to 0.5 bar of clamping pressure for ESCs and up to 1 bar for vacuum chucks
  • Time constants to hold and release smaller than 0.1 seconds


MetalCeramicsGlass & Glassceramics
Aluminium with coatingSiC, SiSiC
AlN, Si3N4
Borosilicate Glass
Quartz Glass
ULE®, Zerodur®    


Berliner Glas - electrostatic chuck (e-chuck/ESC) made of SiSiC and glass

Electrostatic chuck made from glass and ceramic
  • Chuck materials with silicon-adapted properties
  • Materials with "zero expansion"
  • Materials with high stiffness
  • Materials with high thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance
  • Combination of various materials to ensure the highest performance
  • All materials satisfy the semiconductor standard

Berliner Glas - burl structure on an electrostatic chuck (e-chuck/ESC)

Pin structure of an electrostatic chuck

Pin structures reduce the contact surface of the wafer to the chuck by a factor of 100 (1 % of contact surface)


  • No sticking between wafer and chuck
  • Very low particle sensitivity
  • Pin size up to 300 µm in diameter
Testing & Qualification

In our laboratory, we qualify test parts as well as measurement and reference parts and conduct test series in order to guarantee successful volume production.


 inteferometer measurement at Berliner Glas

Measurement on the interferometer

Possible qualifications:

  • Flatness measurement using interferometer (up to 24 inches horizontal and 12 inches vertical beam path)
  • Customer-specific software for a very accurate evaluation of flatness
  • Electrical qualification in an application-oriented environment (high voltage test)
  • Measurement of clamping force
  • Residual gas analysis (RGA)
  • Backside contamination analyses
  • Flow-through tests for coolants and gas

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technical data e-chuck for high flatness / specifications electrostatic chuck
Data sheet

Electrostatic Chuck

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technical data vacuum chuck / specifications vacuum chuck
Data sheet

Vacuum Chuck

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