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Coating Design.

Application-Specific Surfaces.

We produce ambitious coatings for different types of applications. The spectral range extends from the VUV (120 nm) to the infrared range (6 µm).
With our modern coating technologies (PVD with and without ion support, magnetron sputtering), we possess considerable coating capacity. Our in-process monitoring technologies (oscillating quartz > optic broadband monitoring) and the corresponding measurement technology are the basis from which we provide you specific solutions.
The most modern calculation programs as well as many years of experience with diverse coating types allow our developer team to find the best possible solution for your order.


sputtering system at Berliner Glas site in Berlin
APS system at Berliner Glas site
Sputtering system at the Berlin location
APS system at the Berlin location


Substrate typesOptical glass, colored glass, quartz and quartz glass, sapphire, semiconductor materials, glass fibers, crystals, ceramics and MgF2

Spectral range

120 nm to 6 µm

Customer-specific layer design & coating of

  • Antireflective layers (AR)
  • Mirror layers (highly reflective metallic and dielectric mirrors)
  • Polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters
  • Narrow band filters (transmission), edge filters, laser protection filters
  • Layer coatings (HR, AR) with high damage threshold
  • Absorption layers (black chrome or chrome-free layers)
  • Various mechanical wear protection layers (even DLC)
  • Bondable and solderable layers

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