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Cylinder Lenses and -Optics.

Highest Image and Beam Qualities.

At our Berlin location, we produce cylinder optics and plane optics (cylinder lenses and mirrors) for demanding applications used in imaging and beam guidance systems.


Example areas of use are:

  • Field of view and distortion correction (photo/film)
  • Beam guidance, expansion, homogenization and astigmatic correction in laser systems (material processing: lift-off and annealing, drilling, welding, rapid and additive manufacturing)
  • Beam guidance, expansion and astigmatic correction (printing)

Technical data cylinder lenses

Measurement techniques and materials specifications are listed in our data sheet about cylindrical optics.



Our key competences in cylinder optics

Cylinder lenses (up to 2.000 mm) and mirrors

  • In strip form (curvature at desired dimensional axes possible)
  • With crossed cylinder axes
  • Coated and uncoated
  • Free, customer-specific external contours
  • Also mounted and equipped with mechanical adjusting device
Berliner Glas - large cylindrical lenses for laser annealing and lift off
Large cylinder lens (up to 2.000 mm, cylinder and plane)

Cylinder cemented lenses

  • Cemented cylindrical optics, parallel or crossed
  • Duplets, triplets, quadruplets
  • Free external contours
achromatic cylindrical lens triplet by Berliner Glas
achromatic cylindrical lens duplet by Berliner Glas


Cylinder optics for laser beam homogenization

Array lenses


  • Customer-specific geometries (length up to ca. 200 mm)
  • Sharp-edged and chip-proof to reduce loss of interference light
  • Coated or uncoated
  • Rimless coating for respective cylindrical lenses
  • Very high laser durability
array lenses for beam homogenization - key competence @ Berliner Glas
Array lenses for beam homogenization

Cylinder rods

  • Customer-specific geometries
  • Cylindrical lenses in strictest production tolerances

Combination of spherical/cylindrical optic components

  • Highly precise, combined lenses with spherical and cylindrical surfaces (customer-specific)
  • Combinations can be manufactured also as strip lenses (can be curved along desired dimensional axes)

Measurement and qualification of cylinder surfaces

In order to improve our volume productio of cylinder lenses and cylindrical optics, we qualify real parts as well as measurement and reference parts and conduct regular test series.


Possible qualifications are:

  • Pass measurements of cylinder lenses using interferometers with hologram correction elements
  • Serial stitching of cylindrical lenses for total pass characterization
  • Generation of input data for precise correction processes
  • Radii measurement of each cylindrical lens
  • Fully analyzed according to customer-specific specifications (e. g. functional evaluation, curvature progressions, gradients, pass in subapertures) and to ISO 10110-5


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technische Daten Zylinderlinsen / specifications cylinder lenses
Data sheet

Cylindrical Optics

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