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Brochures & presentations
Company presentation of the Berliner Glas Group
Company Presentation

Berliner Glas Group

(9 MB)

 Unternehmensbroschüre der Berliner Glas Gruppe
Company Brochure

Berliner Glas Group

(899 KB)

Data sheets

Application-specific information

application information on visualization in a surgery room / Visualisierungsstrecke im OP

Visualization in the Surgery Room

(267 KB)

3-D-Messkamera für die Dentalheilkunde

3D Measuring Camera for Dentistry

(290 KB)

data sheet next generation sequencing

Optoelectronic Systems for NGS

(358 KB)

Anwendungsflyer Beschichtungen Berliner Glas

Customer-Specific Coatings

(390 KB)

Product-specific data sheets

Datenblatt Elektrostatischer Chuck Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Electrostatic Chuck

(252 KB)

Datenblatt Space Optiken Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Space Optics

(813 KB)

data sheet oem led module
Data sheet

OEM LED Modules

(452 KB)

Datenblatt Vakuum Chuck Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Vacuum Chuck

(485 KB)

data sheet autoclavable video adaptor
Data sheet

Autoclavable Video Adaptor

(244 KB)

Datenblatt OEM Kaltlichtquelle Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Cold Light Source

(230 KB)

Datenblatt Strukturbauteile Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Structural Components

(198 KB)

Optical key components

Datenblatt Zylindrische Optiken Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Cylindrical Optics

(244 KB)

Datenblatt Beschichtungen Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Coating Options

(358 KB)

Datenblatt Plane & Planparallele Optiken Berliner Glas
Data sheet

Plane and Plane-Parallel Optics

(353 KB)

technical data sheet prisms and prism systems
Data sheet

Prisms and Prism Systems

(253 KB)

White papers & technical articles

White Papers and technical articles are available for download directly from the homepage of the Berliner Glas Group:


Download Center of the Berliner Glas Group

General terms & conditions
Allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen Berliner Glas
Berliner Glas

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

(93 KB)

Einkaufsbedingungen Berliner Glas
Berliner Glas

Terms & Conditions of Purchase Order

(92 KB)

Qualitätspolitik Berliner Glas
Berliner Glas

Quality Policy

(65 KB)

Qualitätspolitik Berliner Glas
Berliner Glas

Environmental Policy

(63 KB)

Qualitätspolitik Berliner Glas
Berliner Glas

Energy Policy

(64 KB)

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct der Berliner Glas Gruppe
Code of Conduct

Berliner Glas Group

(391 KB)

General contact

Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Waldkraiburger Straße 5
12347 Berlin, Deutschland
Fon +49 30 60 905-0
info [at]