Development competencies

Electronic Design. Designing Electronic Systems.

In order to react flexibly and quickly to customer requests, an electronics development program was started in-house – in addition to the optical and mechanical design departments.

Our highly qualified engineers with many decades of experience in designing electronic systems are available to develop your specific system solutions, to guarantee your products’ functionality and to ensure that the products are ready for production. This allows us to guide you from the concept phase to the prototype phase all the way to volume production.

Broad Range of Applications

  • Sensors of all types, even for the smallest signals into the nanowatt range
  • Special motor controllers
  • Control and regulate lasers including wavelength stabilization
  • Control light sources
  • Temperature stabilization systems, for example using Peltier elements
  • Highly qualitative, customer-specific systems for industry, medical technology and quality assurance
Design of an optic sensor

Design of an optic sensor

Complete Solutions From a Single Source

  • Production-ready systems and comparison of variants
  • Designs with special electronic components, such as IR and UV sensors, laser diodes, Peltier elements, customer-specific heaters, distance sensors, aerospace materials
  • Tolerance analysis and optimization in consideration of manufacturing possibilities
  • Circuit simulation
  • Thermal analyses
  • Circuit and layout design
  • Development of electronic designs and integration into mechanical part designs
  • Own electronics laboratory with environmental and EMV testing technology
  • System expertise for opto-mechanical applications and HV applications
  • Software creation for graphical user interfaces and firmware for electronic designs
Circuit simulation

Circuit simulation

Circuit board

Design example

Design Software

  • EAGLE Professional
  • IDE for processor programming
  • IDE for CPLD and FPGA programming
  • VISUAL STUDIO for graphic user interfaces
  • IDE for SPS programming

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