Positionierung im Submikrometerbereich

High-Precision Positioning. Optical Systems With Highest Optical Quality.

Optical imaging systems used in medical devices need to deliver perfect images. For example, the multi-chip prism assembly produced by Berliner Glas, which is part of, among other things, endoscopes and dental cameras, has the task to split the light into its spectral components, record a high-quality image via special sensors and assemble it electronically. With continuously increasing resolution, from HD over 4k to 8k, the requirements for a pixel- precise adjustment of the sensors increase to the same extent.

Precision of up to 200 nm

To ensure high-precision positioning and alignment of electro-optical components Berliner Glas has created a versatile precision alignment platform for submicron positioning. This platform can be used to simultaneously align electro-optical components such as image sensors, in six degrees of freedom with a precision of up to 200 nm each, and fix them permanently to this accuracy.

Precision alignment platform for submicron positioning up to 200 nm

Versatile precision alignment platform up to 200 nm

Your advantages

  • Fast customization – short reaction times
  • Reliable precision
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Competitive prices on a global market


These advantages make the system exceptionally well suited for cost-effective and rapid prototyping with volume production precision and ideal for small and medium-scale unit production typical for medical technology, averaging between 100 and 1,000 pieces per year.

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