Laser Material Processing

Laser Technology. Beam Guidance for Laser Systems.

Berliner Glas is your partner for customer-specific beam forming systems from the laser source to the workpiece.

As an OEM supplier, we offer the right solution for your application. We are your reliable partner from design creation to prototypes all the way to volume production.

In addition to highly precise optical components for demanding applications such as cylindrical lenses and mirrors, we produce complex lenses, assemblies and systems used in a multitude of laser machines.

Laser Material Processing

The leading manufacturers of laser systems profit from our expertise and use our precision optical components and assemblies to achieve high performance during laser material processing.

In doing so, the range of applications of our laser optics and systems stretches from micro and macro material processing to measurement technology, information and communications technology all the way to imaging processes.

Laser Material Processing

Highest process safety in laser material processing

Our services include:

  • Development and manufacture of the entire beam forming system for laser (laser expansion and beam guidance systems)
  • Cylindrical lenses and flat optics to create homogeneous laser lines (preferably from quartz glass)
  • Precision components and mirrors made from glass ceramics and ceramics, for example Zerodur and SiSiC

Laser Annealing & Laser Lift-Off

The highly precise, large-size cylindrical lenses and flat optics from Berliner Glas are used to expand, form and homogenize laser beams. They find use in laser annealing and laser lift-off processes to manufacture AMOLED and flexible displays, for example for smartphones, tablets and TV devices.

We are even able to produce unusual geometries with the highest surface qualities. Measurement and documentation according to your requirements are a matter of course.

However, our portfolio does not just cover the development and production of these key components. In addition, we also provide optic coating and installation services into mechanical frames for low-stress versions of the optics in finely adjustable mounts.

Large cylindrical lens

Large cylindrical lenses (up to 2,000 mm, cylindrical and flat) for laser annealing and laser lift-off processes

Our services include:

  • Highly-precise large optics (up to 2 m) for long and homogeneous laser lines
  • Pioneering expertise when characterizing the surface quality in terms of form and cleanliness (closed loop manufacturing: production – measurement – fine correction)
  • Array lenses for beam homogenization
Laser Annealing process

The laser annealing principle, image source: Coherent GmbH

Optics for Research

For renowned research centers, we design, develop and manufacture various optical components optimized for both the special performance requirements in the research-based, high-performance laser industry as well as for use in large detectors.

The essential feature of these products is an up-front feasibility analysis conducted in close consideration of the final design creation and the challenges of producing small series due to the possibly unusual requirements.

You profit from:

  • Expert contact partners in the area of optic simulation and design creation
  • Highest manufacturing and measurement expertise in fringe technological areas
Mounted cylindrical lenses

Mounted optics in low-stress designs for highly stressed laser beam sectors

Mounted prism systems

Mounted prism systems to combine beams from several laser sources

Optics for Light Guides in High-Performance Transfer

As a reliable OEM partner, we have supplied the market leaders of fiber-based beam guidance systems. An essential building block that we use to create value for our customers is fiber optics (quartz block).

Quartz cylinder, fiber end caps

Quartz blocks in customer-specific designs

You can rely on:

  • The fulfillment of the highest tolerance requirements (surface quality and coating)
  • Reproducible quality even for very high quantities required

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