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Material Analysis and Qualification.

For Design and Manufacturing.

With your individual needs in mind, various materials are used to achieve optimal results, from concept to the prototype phase all the way to volume production.
In order to satisfy the extraordinary demands of the product’s properties, these materials must comply with the highest requirements and be adapted to your needs. To do so, we employ a number of different processes to analyze and qualify materials:

  • Various microscopy technologies
  • Ultrasound testing technology (scanning acoustic microscope)
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometers
  • Electric measurement technology (incl. oscilloscope, high resistance meter, LCR bridge)
  • Measurement and work area in climatized clean room (ISO 6 equivalent)
  • Testing facility for long term and service life tests
  • Material testing machine
  • Materialography (separation, embedding, sample preparation)
  • Diverse spectral measurement technologies combined with coating expertise

Our analysis processes include

Material Analysis

results chart for a chemical analysis of various glasses

             Materials are tested with regards
             to various physical, chemical, mechanical
             and technological characteristics.









Result chart of a chemical analysis of various glass types


Service Life Tests

The service life is estimated many times over using tests under amplified testing conditions. This allows to achieve results within a short time that are used to calculate product safety.


Damage Analysis

cracking in glass

Crack formations in glass

Nevertheless, should something break, we employ various microscopic and analytical procedures to determine the cause.

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