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Optical Design.

Modeling and Simulation.

Our highly qualified optic designers with many decades of experience in designing optical systems are available to develop your specific system solutions, to guarantee your products’ functionality and to ensure that the products are ready for production.


Our Expertise

Broad Range of Application

  • Laser technology, aerospace, endoscopy, microscopy, illumination systems, photography, UV and IR applications
  • Highly qualitative, customer-specific lenses and systems for industry, medical technology and quality assurance
  • Diffraction-limited systems
  • Systems with active adjustment of elements and compensation of production tolerances

lens system 3D model - sample for optic design by Berliner Glas

light path model - sample for optic design by Berliner Glas

Beam path model

Complete Solutions From a Single Source

  • Production-ready systems and comparison of variants
  • Designs with special optical components, for example aspheres, cylinder lenses, off-axis elements and diffractive optics (DOE)
  • Tolerance analysis and optimization considering the manufacturing options, prediction of production quality and yield
  • Analysis of scattered, ghost and false light considering the mechanical systems and application environment
  • Thermal analyses
  • Development of optic designs in close cooperation with mechanic design (construction), coating design and measurement technology


Beam path simulation

coating process simulation - sample picture by Berliner Glas

Coating process simulation

Design Software

  • CODE V


  • VirtualLab

  • FRED


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Laser Annealing, Laser Material Processing, Customer Specified Coatings
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Dentistry, Endoscopy, Surgery, Life Sciences
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US Office for Photonics
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