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Plane & Plane-Parallel Optics.

High Accuracy for Any Application.

We produce various plane and plane-parallel optics in the highest quality and in the geometries of your choice. In combination with coatings, we offer you a wide spectrum of products, for example mirrors, windows and wedge plates.


Our mirrors are made from low-expansion and very stiff materials, such as quartz glass, ceramics or glass ceramics. These mirrors stand out due to their light weight (mass reduction of up to 90 %) while maintaining the quality of the functional surface.

We also manufacture windows and wedge plates.

They are characterized by:

  • Lowest roughness
  • Highly precise functional surfaces created using precise correction processes (IBF, MRF)
  • Optics with the lowest surface defects (used for example in laser technology, the semiconductor industry, metrology, medical technology)


You can find information about our coating expertise under Coating Design.
For specifications about our measurement techniques and materials, please refer to our technical data sheet:


Plane and Plane-Parallel Optics.

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Plane and Plane-Parallel Optics

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