Prismen und Polygone

Prisms & Prism Systems. The Highest Accuracies for Your Applications.

With many years of production experience and the resulting expertise this brings, we are continuously challenging ourselves to create competitive advantages for and with our customers. We produce prisms and prism systems of the highest quality, flexibility and reliability for your applications.

We reliably integrate mechanical and electronic elements into the most ambitious optic prism systems for whatever specific application you have.

Prisms & Prism Systems

We produce prisms & prism systems of the highest quality according to customer specifications for use in the semiconductor industry, laser technology, medical technology, metrology and space technology.

We solve extreme challenges with regards to optical performance and the complexity of prism systems in their most ambitious application.

  • High precise manufacturing of prisms at the limits of measurement technology (PV λ/100; λ/500 RMS)
  • Surface defects and quality far above laser classification
  • Optical accuracy of prism systems up to 2" beam deviation errors, 20 µm optical path length difference or λ/10 of wave front accuracy
Component of a prism system to converge beams from several sources

Components of a prism system to converge beams from several sources

Complexly shaped prism for space application

Complexly shaped prisms with dispersion and reproduction

Opto­mechanical & Opto­electronic Prism Systems

Optomechanical prism systems

Through the use of extensive production expertise, we are able to reliably manufacture exceptionally complex optomechanical prism systems of the highest quality for you. Optomechanical positional tolerance in the µm range makes it easier for you to integrate our solutions (plug and play) into your optical system.

Mounted prism systems

Mounted prism systems to combine beams from several laser sources originating from two levels

Optoelectronic prism systems

We apply optoelectronic sensors to prism systems in order to guarantee the optical image quality though online functional tests during the adhesive process. In order to do so, we align the optic beam paths in the seconds range with regards to dumping and in the 1 µm range of lateral movement with regards to the optically activated sensor surfaces/pixels. By exactly adjusting the focus to the active sensor surface, we maximize the system resolution.


For specifications about our measurement techniques and materials, please refer to our technical data sheet


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Prisms and Prism Systems

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