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The following contains a list of the contact partners for various departments at the Berlin location.

Berliner Glas is a company within the Berliner Glas Group.


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Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Waldkraiburger Straße 5
12347 Berlin, Germany
Fon +49 30 60 905-0
US Office for Photonics
Kevin Liddane
Fon +1 714 389-1756


Wencke Schulz - Marketing Communications Contact Berliner Glas Group
Marketing & Communications
Wencke Schulz
Fon +49 30 60 905-367


Noah Koridass - Recruiting / Human Resources at Berliner Glas
Human Resources
Noah Koridaß
Fon +49 30 60 905-127
Anett Müller - Recruiting / Human Resources at Berliner Glas
Human Resources
Anett Müller
Fon +49 30 60 905-276

Laser Technology

Laser Annealing, Laser Material Processing, Customer Specified Coatings
Beate Baumgarten
Fon +49 30 60 905-277
Juergen Fiedler Specialist Laser Optics and Industry Optics Berliner Glas
Laser Material Processing, Film Industry/Scanners, Bio-Analysis, Spectroscopy, Science
Jürgen Fiedler
Fon +49 30 60 905-260
Peter Bartz - Key Account Laser Optics at Berliner Glas
Key Account Manager Laser Annealing & Lift-Off
Peter Bartz
Fon +49 30 60 905-4894


Christian Kramer - Space Optics at Berliner Glas
Christian Kramer
Fon +49 30 60 905-4967

Semiconductor Industry

Sven Goetze Specialist Semiconductor Industry at Berliner Glas
Semiconductor Industry
Sven Götze
Fon +49 30 60 905-4818

Medical Technology

specialist in medical technology applications: Erik Blazek
Endoscopy, Surgery, Life Sciences
Erik Blazek
Fon +49 30 60 905-4903
Joachim Gerike - Head of Medical Technology at Berliner Glas
Dentistry, Endoscopy, Surgery, Life Sciences
Joachim Gerike
Fon +49 30 60 905-4256
Martin Kuchenbecker Specialist Medical Technologie at Berliner Glas
Endoscopy, Surgery, Life Sciences
Martin Kuchenbecker
Fon +49 30 60 905-4235